I'm a Mechanical Engineering Graduate based in India. My area of interest are Engineering (Mechanical, Electronics, Computer Science, ), Synthetic Biology, Applied math, Art and Design. My vision is to have a positive net contribution to society.(create more than you consume). | Robotics | Rapid prototyping | kibbutz(Decentralization, Open Source hardware) of technology | Tribology | Utility Design | Synthetic Biology |

| Design Creatively | Reason Systematically | Work Collaboratively |

📧 hi@abeltomy.com

Research Experience

Synthetic Biology(MAS.S64)

MIT Media Lab X Harvard Medical School ( January 2022- May 2022)

Documentation: https://abeltomy.notion.site/56d4e0a7c8a6460b9994ac84822819d3?v=59fe26515a5f4cdd9c51ad8da349850b

Research Assistant

Indian Institute of Science, Bengaluru – (September 2021 - February 2022)

Digital Fabrication (HMAA 2021)

Fab Academy X Massachusetts Institute of Technology CBA X Super Fab Lab Kochi ( January 2020- August 2021)

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